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Product ID: ZA-PRres18

Lodger agreement: licence to rent a room

(7 customer reviews)

Use this lodger agreement to rent a room in your home to one or more people. This agreement creates a licence to use the property, with far fewer legal requirements for the landlord than a lease or a tenancy agreement.

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Price R139.00
Product ID: ZA-PRres19

Student lodger agreement

(1 customer review)

A licence agreement for a student owner (or her parents) to let rooms in her house to fellow students. Fine too, for any situation where a house owner in occupation allows friend to take rooms on a shared basis.

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Price R119.00
Product ID: ZA-PRres20

Part-time lodger agreement

Not yet reviewed

A licence agreement for a property owner to take in a part-time lodger who occupies perhaps at weekends or weekdays or when he is in this country.

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Price R139.00
Product ID: ZA-PRres25

Licence agreement: letting private garage

Not yet reviewed

A letting agreement for renting a garage, a lock-up, or any other small building or piece of open land for non-business use for a short term of up to 3 years. Do not use if tenant wants business use.

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Price R189.00
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