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As well as providing high quality legal documents, comparable (or superior) to the ones your solicitor would draw, we aim to give you the best service possible as well. We always ask our customers for feedback. Here is what they say about using Net Lawman...

Purple Cow Ventures
Very useful and practical for start-ups and entrepreneurs.
Prawlall Attorneys
Extremely usef ul for practitioners with little experience in this field.
Balefyre (Pty) Ltd
At least get the background before you see the attorney and it might even be enough.
Colin Poole
The document was extremely useful and I shall certainly use your service again.
John K
...Yes very useful. I understand the terminology etc as I've seen a fair few legal docs before. Notes are very helpful. Gives me some base insight without the expense of a solicitor!
Sean McNicholas
I found the documents easy to use and great value. I feel the service is easy to use and good value for money.
Vicky Gregory
Yes the document was very useful, easy to read and understand and contained everything I needed. I will definitely refer to your site in the future.
I have found the product exactly what I wanted and the notes helpful - as well as it being easy to locate, buy and download. There should be a better way of making your product more widely known. I have recently had experience of a tailor-made lease and this left a lot to be desired - whereas your product is well researched and ticks all the boxes.
I appreciate your patience. I have to say though it took me a while (I had almost given up) to come across your internet site, but I was quite impressed with the manoverabilty of the site itself and the services it offers. Normally I am very cautious about internet services and am pleasantly impressed by you professional response. Without doubt I will defintely be recommending yourselves to others.
Hendrik J Pfaff, CFA, Stellenbosch, South Africa
The website is great, the access easy, documents professional. All very smart. Immediately got a good impression of Net Lawman.
Sharon Ecob
Thank you for having the Lodger Document available.
I searched the internet high and low.
It is simple to understand and complete and, Great Value!
I will recommend your service to whomever is looking for a service such as this.
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