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By Thainai Denton 16 July 2018

Firstly i requested the incorrect document. Once your company was informed on the error ou immediately rectified my error and send me the correct document and you very kindly explained the consequences if I do not understand the correct way to complete the document. Thumbs up and I will definitely recommend your service to my contacts.

By Karen Tindall 02 May 2015

I am a lawyer but my precedents are old. I needed an updated doc which takes account of any requirements of the new Companies Act. The document is phrased simply and is easy to understand by client. Would recommend.

By Jacques Van den Bergh 11 September 2014

Your document did the job. Easy to complete, comprehensive and easy to understand.
I wanted to us it to set up a new company. However a legal advisor has told me that I should rather separate shareholder agreement from the set up agreement and get a Memorandum of Understanding in addition to the shareholder agreement. I will be downloading this document from your site shortly.Great Site indeed.

Net Lawman responds 01 January 2015

Thank you for the compliment. I do not know anything about your affairs, but yes, you should deal with the SHHA as a separate item. A memo of understanding is rarely binding. At the end of the day it is still only a memo. You need hard agreements where everyone knows the score.

By Fiona Goldrick 19 January 2014

My biggest concern was that i would purchase the wrong doc as I was unsure of exactly what I needed, but by reading the summaries and then seeing the return policy if i got the wrong one, I was reassured. I bought the shareholder's agreement for a new company. It is comprehensive and easy to understand. It covers many things that we wouldn't have considered if we drafted our own from scratch. It raised issues of insurance that I wouldn't have considered and laid out different exit strategy options. I also now know I need to check the MOI - I would have preferred some more guidance on the MOI though, i.e. where to find it, and what it should say. I haven't looked on your site yet - maybe you have that. I would definitely recommend your services - thank you!
*One last comment: your rating scale should indicate if 5 is excellent and one is poor or vice verse :) - I see the stars at the bottom, but the drop down should be more explicit.

Net Lawman responds 19 February 2014

We have considered help with an MOI. The problem is that an MOI can be about absolutely anything. Moreover, it is not usually a binding document, so as lawyers we cannot contribute much. All in all, we prefer to leave it to you to write down the terms of the deal you want

By Jeetesh Keshaw 15 May 2016

The document covers almost every aspect we could think of as shareholders.

Also nice was a follow on personal email from the author who asked if there was anything to assist with.

There were one or two parts we did not understand well, and have communicated with the author to explain.

By Lindsay Mentor 22 February 2015

Good base document, service excellent, document had to be modified quite a bit to meet the requirements of the Agreement sought.

Net Lawman responds 11 March 2015

Yes, because the document is in plain language, you should have found that easy.