Power of Attorney forms

Delegate authority to act on your behalf to someone else using one of these power of attorney templates. Powers can be as general or specific as you wish, from on-going and complete control of your estate, to power for a specific task for a limited time. Our collection of power of attorney forms includes ones customised for specific, common uses. Each document is in a format designed to be acceptable to any third party to whom it is presented.


    General Power of Attorney (PoA)

    74 reviews

    Use this general power of attorney to delegate authority to someone else to act on your behalf, usually for a short and specified period of time. You may be abroad but need someone to look after your financial and legal affairs at home (for example when buying or selling property), or you might need someone to help with a specific task (such as collecting a pension) or perhaps you would just prefer someone more expert in a certain subject area (such as law) to act on your behalf in a certain matter.

    General power of attorney: sale of property

    21 reviews

    Use this power of attorney document to delegate to your attorney, the task of selling your real property.

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    What customers thought
    Standard form, easily customisable, but no need to as contents covers most type of scenarios. Well structured. Easy to understand language. No ambiguity at all.
    Themba Zulu
    Review of the South African version
    Used document to grant power to surveyor to divide property.
    Default example for this specific purpose will be useful as users then know everything is stated correct legally if they only want to grant power for this specific task.
    Ruben Oberholster
    Review of the South African version
    Was first concerned with payment up front. Your website is well designed, so I gave it a try. The document received was easy to edit and looked well structured and professional. For these reasons I would recommend 'Net Lawman' to others.
    Gerd Troost
    Review of the South African version
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