Static caravan sharing agreement: two owners

Comprehensive agreement of the terms and conditions for the shared (fractional) wnership of a static caravan between two parties.
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About this document

This is a comprehensive document that deals with the terms of ownership, by two parties of a static caravan. The parties may be couples, relatives, friends or unknown to each other. By ‘static caravan’, we mean a self contained accommodation unit which will usually be stationed permanently on a small piece of land, perhaps within a larger caravan site.

We have separate documents for touring caravans – that is, a tow along, accommodation unit and motor homes, the all-in-one vehicle and accommodation unit.

We offer two versions of this static caravan agreement

The document deals extensively with issues like ownership rights of the parties which may be in equal or unequal proportion, the time table and manner of sharing the use of the motor home, responsibilities of each party in maintenance and upkeep of the motor home, various exit options available to each party, the qualification and appointment of the driver of the motor home, and more.

Note on legal ownership

Even if ownership of your static caravan is registered with some organisation, the particulars will not record the shares in which the static caravan is held. So if you own 60% and I own 40% we have to record that in some other document. If we do not do so, “the Law” will assume we own in the shares in which we contributed to the purchase price. This may or may not be the same thing. These Net Lawman agreements specifically record the shares. They also record shares which may be owned by someone who is not a registered owner. Such an interest is called a beneficial interest.

Application and features

  • Comprehensive fractional ownership document for a static caravan;
  • Sensible and practical provisions for shared ownership;
  • Written in plain English;
  • Explanatory notes to guide you.


  • Summary of agreement;
  • Terms of beneficial interest: how will the caravan be owned?;
  • Relationship of owners;
  • Price and payment for the static caravan;
  • Management and common fund: finances control;
  • Use of static caravan: personal and or business use;
  • Accessories;
  • Personal possessions: storage location and use;
  • Undertakings by the owners;
  • Warranties and indemnities;
  • Long stop termination date;
  • Termination and assignment;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Other legal paragraphs;
  • Schedule 1: Details of the static caravan;
  • Schedule 2: The Timetable: plan of who gets the caravan when;
  • Schedule 3: Operating Costs;
  • Schedule 4: The Inventory.

This document was written by an attorney for Net Lawman. It complies with current South African law.

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