Equestrian facilities licence

Stables; arena or other buildings
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Use this document to record the terms under which you give permission to someone else to use your equestrian facilities. Those might be short term use of stables, an arena, show jumps, gallops or cross country course. Permission might be for a one-off or for repeat use.
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About this document

A licence agreement (such as this one) is a document that grants permission to someone to do something under certain terms.

The reason to use a written document, rather than a more simple verbal agreement is that neither party can later dispute what was agreed. This is particularly important when granting permission to use equestrian facilities because it helps protect you from claims by the other party if there is an accident, whilst also giving you a stronger case in a claim for damage to your property if that occurs.

You can use this agreement for any type of facility including:

  • stables
  • an arena or a school
  • underwater  and other training and recovery systems
  • show jumps
  • gallops
  • a cross country course

Permission can be granted on a one off basis or for multiple visits.


  • Identification of facility
  • Time and conditions for use
  • Obligations of user
  • Indemnity to land owner
  • Termination
Sample equestrian facilities licence

Recent reviews

Saved Time
13 August 2018
Very straight forward. Easily editable. It was well worth the small fee payable to save the amount of time and effort it would have required to set up my own document.
Germaine Ash
Review of the United Kingdom version
Good Guidance Needed
22 March 2017
I wasn't sure about the quality of the guidance notes but thought they were good apart from there was no guidance about what to do with the agreement when signed e.g. is it registerable at the Land Registry and how many copies should be signed. You could also have included a warning about signatories capacity due to e.g. age as this is the type of doc that young horse owners would be asked to sign. I used your service as it seemed quick, easy to operate, document format codes are good and I learnt something - the danger of making this into a commercial tenancy by allowing a business to operate.
I would recommend you for the reasons above
Keir Barrie
Review of the United Kingdom version
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